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The String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner

By David Ponce

Shortly after my birth, tiny, furry little critters crawled into my ears and pooped magical tonedeafness pebbles. They have stayed there ever since, and as an unfortunate consequence, I am completely (you guessed it) tonedeaf. I cannot hit any note, let alone tune a guitar. So that’s why the String Master gives me hope.

Tuning a guitar doesn’t get any simpler. Attach it to a peg and pluck the associated string. The String Master will actually turn it (the peg) for you until that string vibrates at the proper frequency.

So, the way I figure, I buy this $50 contraption, a guitar, some sheet music and I’m all set. I’ll be able to play some Led Zep riffs, even if to my ears it sounds like some hysterical Celine Dion wails.

Get it at Hotguitarist. Story VIA New Launches.


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