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The Flowlab Bullit 32 Shortboard Carves Like A Snowboard

By David Ponce

It pisses the living snot out of me that I don’t skateboard. I say this because I firmly believe that the Flowlab Bullit 32 Shortboard is a work of pure, delicious, unadulterated genius.

See, it’s a board with not four wheels, but rather 14, arranged in two semi-circular rows of 7.

The patented 14 wheeled Deep Carve System (DCS) allows you to carve with the rhythm and flow of snowboarding and surfing. Most skateboards reach their turning limit at about a 25 degree angle. With Flowlab Skateboards, you’ll flow through 45 degree turns with the edges of the board almost kissing the pavement.

Designed to control speed by carving, these boards are a great alternative to lift lines, long drives to the mountains, and the summertime blues.

There’s a video of it in action, too.

It’s $200, at Story VIA Travelizmo.