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Pee And Poo, Excrement Plushies

By David Ponce

Meet Pee and Poo.

They’re very cute 32 Euro plushies from designer Emma Megitt.

One is a turd.

The other is, well, urine.

You can actually buy these, at the Pee & Poo website.

Story VIA The Cool Hunter.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be even cooler if they were salt and pepper shakers.

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  • Android Replica

    If this was Japanese, it would be perfectly understandable. I can’t imagine how some kid, given these toys, is going to grow up normal.

  • John Dalton

    As opposed to someone who calls themself Android Replica?

  • http://whatisURI? Paige

    Can you pretend they are somthing else?

  • miisha

    i would buy it… ideal christmas present for those.. i dont appreciate as much

  • Jack Epstein

    i have a pair ha!