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The MobiX USB TV Tuner

By David Ponce

Wanna watch TV on your laptop while it looks like it’s mating with a miniature UFO? With this, the MobiX AEV0E, you can

turn your PC or notebook into a digital TV and DVR. It’s the world’s most portable USB plug-n-play Freeview (DVB-T) receiver. You’ll now have the power to enjoy crisp, clean digital television from wherever your laptop pc can go.

Mobix allows you to pause and rewind live digital TV, or record your favorite programs in advance so you can watch them later at your leisure.

So, the unit gives you access to Freeview’s 30+ channels and it also records video as MPEG-2 to a computer’s hard drive. It’s coming out November 21st. But, uh, UK only, natch.

Costs Β£100, or about $170. Here’s the link to the website: MobiX AEV0E. Story VIA Chip Chick.


3 responses to “The MobiX USB TV Tuner”

  1. Doug Berger says:

    I can’t believe this thing isn’t available in the US… not that I’m down with watching TV on my computer or anything… Here’s another article about this:

  2. Firas says:

    Mobix only seems to work where digital TV is available. i.e. in UK. check out Mobix should be available in December. might get myself one πŸ™‚