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The World’s Most Expensive Cellphone

By David Ponce

Extravagance for extravagance’s sake. Isn’t that like an American saying, or something? Well, it should be, and it’s weird that it’s not actually some dude from the USA making this next item. It’s The World’s Most Expensive Cellphone.

Austrian marketing manager-turned master craftsman, Peter Aloisson is in the business of pimping cellphones, by encrusting them with various jewels and expensive and shiny things. He makes about three a year and usually sells them for about $30,000 each. Except it seems, now, he’s gotten an order from a German manufacturer for a phone that will cost in excess of $1million.

It will feature solid gold parts with an exterior covered with 2,590 natural blue diamonds, some of the rarest jewels on Earth

And again, I say… why not?

More at CNN. Story VIA Textually.