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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Fubar USB Audio Connector

 Firestone Fubar

By Josh Ray

Computer audio is all the rage these days and Taiwanese company Firestone is hot on the trend with their “Fubar” USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). You plug one end in your computer, the other into your stereo and, viola, your audio is “funked up beyond all repair.”

This genuine audiophile product is a steal at only $120. Similar products like the Wavelength Brick go for $1750. And, yes, with lossless files instead of muggle mp3s, a USB DAC can sound as good, if not better, than a high-end CD player.

[Firestone Audio] via [SonicFlare]

Laptop Pizza Box

Pizza Laptop BoxBy Christen da Costa

A snazzy laptop can sometimes lead to unwanted attention from the wrong eyes – the type of eyes that belong to people who like to steal. To deter the 5 finger discounters simply make a small investment of $25 or so, in the Power Pizza Box. It’s anti-theft, anti-shock, and get this, anti-style. The laptop case is egg-crate insulated for added protection and made from “authentic pizza boxes”.

You can pick one up here

Source: via Gadgetmadness

• Corrugated cardboard pizza box
• Max. laptop size: 37 x 37 x 3.6 cm
• Min. laptop width: 28 cm
• Weight: 300 grams
• Ext. dimensions: 38 x 38 x 4.7 cm
• Some assembly required

Some Horn Tootin’

We all like to brag. It’s fun. Makes people hate you and stuff. Which is why I’m happy to give you a few tidbits of info.

First, know that OhGizmo has been ranked #226 in Feedster’s Top 500 blogs for the month of November/December, with 3,391 incoming links. Yay!

Also, reader and sponsor Daniel points out to me that Norway’s largest teen mag, Inpoc Magazine (with a reader base of 238,000) mentions OhGizmo in an article about the cosmetics fridge. Well, hey, we’re in print!

And by the way, you really should give Daniel’s website, a little visit. It’s a gadget blog in Norwegian, but we can look at the pretty pictures.

And that’s it.

Ah, yeah, and by the way, I’ve added a new feature. You can now email any article to your friends. So, if there’s something you really like, just click on the “email this” link and send the article right to your friend’s inbox.

Rip Directly To Your Player With The EZDigiMusic MP300

By David Ponce

Take out the middle man, and get your MP3s onto your removable storage/music player without using a computer, with the EZDigiMusic MP300. Just insert your CD into the drive, then either plug your player in (via USB 2.0 or 1.1) or stick your SD / Mini-SD / MMC / RS-MMC card in and press a button. Your tracks will be automatically ripped and transferred in 128K / 192K / 224K bps quality.

Weighs a little over a pound and costs $200.

[Ez PnP]

The Gray Kangooroo, A Personal Liquor Filtration System

By David Ponce

Given that it’s alcohol related, I suppose it’s perfectly understandable that this company’s entire marketing schtick relies heavily on the proximity of scantily clad women.

I’m not complaining. It’s also somewhat funny that the product is remotely phallic in appearance. But whatever, I digress.

The Gray Kangooroo Filtration System is just a simple filter with the dedicated purpose of turning your filthy $10 bottle of barely refined potato distillate (aka Vodka) into a fine, poison free party juice. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just know that what makes the difference between good liquor and bad liquor (among other things) is how properly filtered it is. You have to remove many of the distillation by-products, like methanol, fusel oil and other unpleasant tasting solvent compounds. Otherwise, you have yourself a cheap intoxicator that is also a hangover waiting to happen.

The Gray Kangooroo costs $30 and the filter replacements go for $13, which should last you for about 50 liters each.

How is this different from a Brita filter? Well, I’m not sure. But, was brita featured in Penthouse, Maxim and Stuff?

[Gray Kangooroo] VIA [Uncrate]

Electronic Paper For The Visually Impaired

By David Ponce

So, everyone is frothing at the mouth over e-paper. And why not? What you’ll be able to do with that stuff is really mind boggling, but in the end, the visually impaired get a bum deal. Sure, you could say that they don’t really know what they’re missing, and you’d be right… but denying anyone the visceral pleasure of playing with new technology is just cruel.

So, leave it to the thinking folk at the University of Tokyo to invent Braille e-paper. The device is about 1mm thick and contains 24 letters. It is even bendable. The letters can be refreshed about once a second.

Of course this is at the prototype stage, but it’s cool to know that even the blind will be able to enjoy the e-revolution. Or whatever the hell you want to call it.

If you happen to read the good Japanese language, head over here to read an article called: “Flexible, Lightweight Braille Sheet Display with Plastic Actuators Driven by An Organic Field-Effect Transistor Active Matrix.”

VIA [Xataka]

Bluetooth Rearview Mirror

[A little old, but hey, sounds like fun. -Ed.]

This application of Bluetooth wireless technology seems very innovative and practical. When your Bluetooth cell phone rings, you do not need to go looking for your cell phone anymore. Just look up at your rearview mirror and you will see the caller’s phone number displayed right on the mirror. You answer the phone with a push of a button on the mirror that enables the speakerphone function. The mirror is powered off of the car and also has a battery built in that allows for 150 hours of standby and 7 hours of talk time.

Now when you see people looking into their rearview mirror, they may not be looking to see if anyone is behind them. They are just checking who is calling them.

Xbox 360 Reviewed

By David Ponce

Hey guys, this is just a quick heads-up to let you know the guys at Mobilewhack have gotten their hands on a 360, and have reviewed it here.

The skinny? Great machine, tepid launch titles.

But you really should head over there and read the whole thing. Plenty of pictures and such.

[Mobilewhack’s Xbox 360 review]

The Lamabox, P2P Enabled Media Player

By David Ponce

While we’re on the topic of P2P, let me introduce the Lamabox, the first home entertainment media player that comes preloaded with P2P software, allowing you to download directly off services like BitTorrent, Kazaa and Gnutella. The stuff goes on to hard drive, of which you can mount up to three per box (at 500GB each). Some units even come with DVD burners, should you run out of space on your 1.5TB.

Now, don’t get he wrong. The units already come with hard drives, only you have the option of adding more. There are three models: the 400 (40GB HD), 420 (40GB HD + DVD Burner), and 820 (200GB HD + DVD Burner). Prices range from $320 to $560.

[Lamabox] VIA [I4U]