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Monthly Archives: October 2005

The [email protected] VP325

By David Ponce

The Holidays are coming. You know that, right?

Now, I’m sure that if you think hard enough, you’ll realize you’ve got some kid in your life who’s constantly lusting after all your gadgets. He plays with them, presses all the buttons, while you hold your breath and smile politely. Now, you could buy that kid some phony Fisher Price piece of crap simili-gadget. But kids are smart, man. They’ll see right through it. So, be nice, and shell out a very reasonable $50 to purchase this: the [email protected] 256MB MP3 Player.

For that amount, you’re getting a truckload of features:
• 256mb flash memory
• MP3/WMA/OGG playback
• Game Function
• JPEG Picture Display
• 1.9-inch CSTN color LCD
• Text to Speech 2.0
• Line-in MP3 Encoding
• FM Radio Tuner
• Voice Recording
• Phone Book Function
• Text View Function
• Stop Watch Function
• Calculator Function
• Built-in rechargeable battery, up to 15 hours playback
• SRS WOW sound effect
• USB Flash Drive
• Includes protective case

With that, he’ll be the coolest nine year old in class, and he’ll adore you forever. Or, maybe he’ll curse you and kick you in the shin for not buying him a nano instead. Who knows with kids these days.

Check out the product page. And, a place to buy it. Story VIA DAPreview.

The C-Plus Board Game

By David Ponce

You are a code ninja. C runs in your veins. Instead of Alpha Bits, you eat Binary Bits. You compile in your dreams and recite p-code in the shower.

You have been granted a great and wonderful gift. And by Jove, so will your children! You will teach them.

They will learn.

And you’re going to start with this: a fantabulous board game called “c-jump: Ski & Snowboard Race”. It is being marketed to kids ages 11 and up, and

it teaches the child basic commands of a programming language, such as “if”, “else”, “switch”, and introduces variable “x” concept.

So not only does this look like some wonderful geeky family fun, proceedings from the sale of this product also support Common Text Transformation Library, an open source programming project on the internet.

It’s $22 plus $7 shipping. Check out the product page. Story VIA Gadget Garden.

The Treetents

By David Ponce

If displaying your affection for trees involves extended periods of close contact, then perhaps we can interest you in some Treetents: tents for the eco-warrior.

They are not exactly being marketed at all. They are rather a seven year old art piece by Dutch designer Dré Wapenaar, currently on display at the MoMA for a show called SAFE: Design Takes On Risk.

The Treetent is made of steel, canvas and plywood and measures 15 feet high by nearly 9 feet in diameter.

And, if you chose to make your ecological stand a family affair, know they are quite roomy: you could all fit inside in comfort.

Story VIA Travelizmo.

The Agitor, Integrated Beverage Agitator

By David Ponce

So, complete information on this next product is all spotty, like a delicious Swiss cheese, on the account of some craptacularly designed product page. It’s called the Agitor, by Tinkatec, and it will allegedly revolutionize the way you stir your next Starbucks hot chocolate, or whatnot.

Tinkatec owner Creighton Schlebach says the Agitor system, which safely and efficiently stirs the beverage through the application of finger pressure to the side or bottom of a sealed cup, ensures that consumers, whether walking, motoring or commuting by train, cannot be scalded or soiled by spilled coffee.

So, the way I understand this, is that it’s a little pump/sponge that recirculates your beverage upon you squeezing it.

I imagine this is supposed to be safer than your alternative: shaking boiling liquids in their container until you get scalded.

As far as I can tell, all this “technology” is still sitting comfortably in Creighton Schlebach’s mind (and on his, er, website), in the hopes of being picked up by some papercup manufacturer.

Check it out here. Story VIA SNP.

Star Wars As An Animated GIF

By David Ponce

A while ago, I was lynched for posting information about a centuries old version of Star Wars in ASCII. Well, hell, I thought it was pretty cool, and still do.

Now, I come across a 168k animated GIF that purports to contain all of Episode IV. This suck too?

Watch it here. Story VIA

HTC Wizard Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Hits Europe

By Brian Donaldson

There is a new gadget out there that is starting to sell in Germany. It’s called the HTC Wizard Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone. Featuring a slide-out keyboard, the T-Mobile MDA Vario Pocket PC phone comes with GPRS and Wifi, Quad-band GSM, a 1.3MP digital camera, Bluetooth, USB and irDA. The TFT screen’s resolution sits at 240 x 320 pixels.

Currently the HTC Wizard Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone is being sold in a store in Germany for about 459 Euros. MSMobiles says that this makes the MDA Vario the least expensive HTC Wizard out on the market.

Extended Live Archives

Searching the archives can be a pain when a site has tons and tons of posts. Maybe this can help. Wait three seconds for this to load.

The Evil Monkey Strikes Again

So that’s it then. We come in to OhGizmo headquarters, only to find this little monkey in a corner, smoking a cigarette with a smug look on his face. At first, we just stare each other down, but when I decide to jump and grab, he bolts out the window. The little bastard…

So, what did he do in the office? He didn’t just come in to have a look at me, did he? Well, I look around, and sure enough, there it is. Eh, nothing much, really. He’d only replaced my regular keyboard with a DAS Keyboard!

Being a weak geek ninja, I had to admit defeat. I couldn’t work in those conditions! It’s unprofessional! So, I left the office in a huff, and came down to a cyber cafe to tell you the story.

Oh, yeah, and, well as a result of all this, there will be no Friday posts. Be back on Monday though for some very interesting new things. I’m beginning to get some schwag to review, and you’ll be hearing all about that and more on Monday.

The Digital Incubator

By David Ponce

If you find eggs that have fallen out of their nest, you don’t have to spend the next few weeks gingerly sitting on them anymore. Just put them in this lovely digital incubator from Autoelex. It can hatch out chickens, ducks, quails, and pheasants. An integrated chip sets up the all necessary conditions.

It has a capacity of three eggs at once, consumes 10W and automatically rotates the eggs and such. Hell, it has a ton of features I won’t list here.

No word on price, but here’s the product page. Story VIA TRFJ.