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Monthly Archives: October 2005

The $30 iPod Battery By Sonnet

By David Ponce

The Holidays, people. They’re a-coming. And for $30, you can stop your baby brother (or whoever) from bitching about how Apple sucks and Apple is stupid and God damn it why couldn’t they make an iPod with a battery that lasts for more than five minutes…

Sonnet is releasing a line of battery replacements for any iPod (generation 1 through 4, plus the minis) that boosts battery time by as much as 78%. That’s 20 hours of continuous playback on one charge, buster!

Comes with instructions on how to change it, and ships in 8 days. Check it out here.

The Egg Babies

By David Ponce

$200 to $2000 will buy you one of these breathtaking “Egg Babies” sculptures from Camille Allen. She makes them out of Polymer Clay, which is cured to a hard, porcelain-like finish. And it even seems that at one time, you might have been able to ask Camille to make you a sculpture that resembled your baby photo. She is no longer accepting such requests.

And, well, for some people, that is perhaps a blessing. Visit the site. Story VIA

Riya, Photo Sharing With Face Recognition

By David Ponce

Riya is just what Flickr is missing. It’s a photo storing site, just like Flickr, but it incorporates face recognition technology. That way, tagging your pictures becomes much easier.

Think about it… Say you have 10,000 pictures on your hard drive. Family, friends, crazy ex-girlfriends. You really want to identify the people on them one by one? You don’t have to. With this service, you download a program that sifts through all your pictures, looking for faces (they recommend letting it run overnight the first time. Face recognition is very CPU intensive).

Once it’s done finding faces, you have to train it until it’s able to complete the task on its own. In other words, you have to tell it who is who on the pictures the first couple of times. When that’s done, every time it finds a face that you’ve already named, it will automatically tag the picture with the name and upload it to the server.

Sure, it’s probably not %100 accurate, and you’re likely to be tagged as your mother once or twice, but hell, it’s a great idea, and it’s free. Check out Riya. Story VIA Alt1040.

Start Your Car Through The Internet

By David Ponce

Remote car starters are still partying like it’s 1999. True geeks move on, and find new ways to start the car when it’s freezing outside. Like with the Guidepoint system. It’s a little like OnStar, except they have the added feature of being able to access some of the features through the internet, as opposed to only through an operator.

So, you should be able to get your car started, unlock your doors or even honk the horn through any WAP enabled device.

Read the press release. Story VIA SNP.


All sorts of technology can make access to your Car or truck easier. Try Nerf Bars for a lift or even get a set of Side Steps to get in and out more easily.

The Argument Solver, Logitech’s Z-5450 Digital 5.1 Speaker System

By David Ponce

You should know that the only moderately acceptable way to enjoy a movie is with 5.1 Dolby surround sound, with your insides partially liquefied from excessive bass. Trouble is, until now, your significant other might have had an objection or two about all the wires needed to setup a proper 5.1 rig.

Enter Logitech’s Z-5450 speaker system: a $500 solution. It’s a 315 Watt sound system that features rear speakers that connect wirelessly. Sure, you still have to plug them in, but not to the base.

The rear speakers operate on a 2.4GHz frequency and are meant to be used within 28 feet of the decoder unit, though some users might be able to get much greater range. Note that 2.4Ghz is enough for uncompressed CD quality audio, though not quite enough for 24-bit, 96KHz data.

Read a very thorough review of these units at Extremetech.

The Zonet ZUB8100, A Bluetooth MP3-Playing Headset

By David Ponce

Not exactly sure why the picture looks like (really bad) CG work, but if this thing actually exists, at least it comes with a bunch of nice features. It’s the ZUB8100, a bluetooth headset from Zonet that also happens to integrate an MP3 player. So, if you run out of tracks on the player, you can always stream some more wirelessly.

It also features an FM tuner and storage is done via SD/MMC . The battery lasts for 8 hours on straight MP3 use and 6 if you’re using Bluetooth. Transfer is done through USB 1.1 (ugh…).

Well, I can’t find a price, but you’re free to visit the product page. Story VIA Mobilewhack

Update: As per a comment from Adam, these look to be a replica of the craptacular OMIZ Bluetooth headphones. So, well, now you know.

LaCie’s Carte Orange, Ultra-Portable USB Drive

By David Ponce

I’ve been holding off from portable USB storage for some reason. Maybe it had to do with how un-portable many of these things are.

Well, La Cie has recently released the 8Gb Carte Orange external USB drive. It’s the size of a credit card and 6mm thin. That’s, what? A quarter of an inch I think.

Plug and Play, USB 2.0 and all that. It’s $150, shipping in November and it’s available for pre-order at LaCie’s website. Story VIA New Launches.

The Toyota iSwing

By David Ponce

I got on a Segway, once, for $5 at a car show. It was pretty cool. You should try it.

Now, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota came out with the iSwing. From what I gather, there are two main differences between it and Kamen’s baby. First, no self-stabilization. This thing has three wheels. Second, it looks as though you can also lean left and right, for direction, as well as forwards and backwards. Thirdly (did I mention there’s a third?), you’re sure to scare some old ladies on the sidewalk with this, making it an object of my desire.

Of course, you can tell all that just by looking at the picture, and since I have no additional information, I’ll just shut up now.

Story VIA Core77 VIA Wired Blog.

The Ice Dozer

By David Ponce

Jeevus Christ! Just yesterday, I swear I saw some snowflakes. So that’s it, this year, I ain’t buyin no crappy, flimsy cheap plastic windshield scraper that leaves me in the cold, chipping away at the ice for hours like a tard. I’m getting this: The Ice Dozer. It “Man-Handles Ice and Snow From Your Windshield in Seconds – So You Can Start Your Day Without a De-Icing Debacle!”

Apply pressure to the palm handle, and the oversized blade flexes to match the curve of your windshield, clearing a 7″ swath, instead of a sliver of glass.

Front plow pushes snow and ice ahead of you, away from sleeves and wrists.

Two different sets of ice-cracking teeth pulverize the hardest glare ice in short order. And ergonomic handles give you all the grip you’ll need to clear your windshield in no time, and have fun doing it!

These guys can sell. I’m actually almost looking forward to winter, just to see how this thing manages.

Get it here. Story VIA BookOfJoe.