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World’s Most Powerful Subwoofer!

Super SubwooferBy Josh Ray.

No, it’s not a fan. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the world’s most powerful subwoofer: the Eminent Tech TRW 17. Rather than your garden variety 10 or 12 inch paper cone pulsating back and forth, this subwoofer creates a wall of air as big as your living room. In other words, the entire room becomes a resonating box!

By rotating the fins and modulating the speed, frequency goes all the way down to 1Hz, the territory of jet engines, nuclear explosions and plate tectonics. By comparison, your typical sub hits 20Hz on its best day.

With a price of $12,900, the TRW 17 is for rap superstars only. Rumor has it smaller versions are in the works as well as one model specifically for cars — naturally, you must present your rap superstar ID at time of purchase.

Click here for more info on the most revolutionary boom machine this century. Story via, the web’s source for audio insanity.


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