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How Things Change

By David Ponce


VIA Alt1040.

  • Tony

    I wouldn’t pay any more than 2400 for it myself.

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  • Pierre

    Wish you had carbon dating on that thing:-)

  • CT UnderLife

    Wow! The MASTER HD!! I want that for me!! 🙂

  • William Tanksley

    I had one of these with a TRS80 model III someone gave me. Actually, mine was only 5MB, but it looked the same, just wider.

  • Android Replica

    Long live MFM drives!

  • Jim

    I worked at the Radio Shack Computer Center in Houston when these babies came out. Life was GOOD! 15 MB!

    Actually, you should try to snag a photo of the original “Profile” drive. 8″ platter, 5MB. Was used on the Model II computers.

  • essene

    Considering this came from Radio Shack, I initially wasnt shocked by the price and thought there was a sale going on this weekend…

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