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The Egg Babies

By David Ponce

$200 to $2000 will buy you one of these breathtaking “Egg Babies” sculptures from Camille Allen. She makes them out of Polymer Clay, which is cured to a hard, porcelain-like finish. And it even seems that at one time, you might have been able to ask Camille to make you a sculpture that resembled your baby photo. She is no longer accepting such requests.

And, well, for some people, that is perhaps a blessing. Visit the site. Story VIA

  • Steve McFartleknocker

    That’s the creepiest thing since Anne Geddes.


  • Jim Gardner

    That’s just wrong! I’m really quite scared. Although there is one thing I’m impressed with. I’ve actually managed to find something more tacky than those Lady Diana pre-crash dolls.

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  • Robert

    That is disgusting. These remind me of aborted babies or premature. Why you would want to see that, I have no idea. This is making my stomach hurt now.

  • Jane

    Those are amazing! How can you not like beautiful babies? They are beautiful.

  • Lisa

    I think it’s pretty cool, and it must take a lot of talent!

  • amanda

    dude!! that egg baby is sweet but weird!!! lol

  • Kathryn

    Camille Allen’s Babies are gorgeous!