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The Zonet ZUB8100, A Bluetooth MP3-Playing Headset

By David Ponce

Not exactly sure why the picture looks like (really bad) CG work, but if this thing actually exists, at least it comes with a bunch of nice features. It’s the ZUB8100, a bluetooth headset from Zonet that also happens to integrate an MP3 player. So, if you run out of tracks on the player, you can always stream some more wirelessly.

It also features an FM tuner and storage is done via SD/MMC . The battery lasts for 8 hours on straight MP3 use and 6 if you’re using Bluetooth. Transfer is done through USB 1.1 (ugh…).

Well, I can’t find a price, but you’re free to visit the product page. Story VIA Mobilewhack

Update: As per a comment from Adam, these look to be a replica of the craptacular OMIZ Bluetooth headphones. So, well, now you know.