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The Ice Dozer

By David Ponce

Jeevus Christ! Just yesterday, I swear I saw some snowflakes. So that’s it, this year, I ain’t buyin no crappy, flimsy cheap plastic windshield scraper that leaves me in the cold, chipping away at the ice for hours like a tard. I’m getting this: The Ice Dozer. It “Man-Handles Ice and Snow From Your Windshield in Seconds – So You Can Start Your Day Without a De-Icing Debacle!”

Apply pressure to the palm handle, and the oversized blade flexes to match the curve of your windshield, clearing a 7″ swath, instead of a sliver of glass.

Front plow pushes snow and ice ahead of you, away from sleeves and wrists.

Two different sets of ice-cracking teeth pulverize the hardest glare ice in short order. And ergonomic handles give you all the grip you’ll need to clear your windshield in no time, and have fun doing it!

These guys can sell. I’m actually almost looking forward to winter, just to see how this thing manages.

Get it here. Story VIA BookOfJoe.