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LaCie’s Carte Orange, Ultra-Portable USB Drive

By David Ponce

I’ve been holding off from portable USB storage for some reason. Maybe it had to do with how un-portable many of these things are.

Well, La Cie has recently released the 8Gb Carte Orange external USB drive. It’s the size of a credit card and 6mm thin. That’s, what? A quarter of an inch I think.

Plug and Play, USB 2.0 and all that. It’s $150, shipping in November and it’s available for pre-order at LaCie’s website. Story VIA New Launches.

  • CortJstr

    Google is fricking awesome. 6 millimeters = 0.236220472 inches

  • nar

    This seems less portable than the USB drives common today. I thik it stands out for its large capacity though.

  • Steve McFartleknocker

    Seems portable enough to me. I’d be happier if it were more capacious, but for the price I shan’t complain.

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