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Star Wars As An Animated GIF

By David Ponce

A while ago, I was lynched for posting information about a centuries old version of Star Wars in ASCII. Well, hell, I thought it was pretty cool, and still do.

Now, I come across a 168k animated GIF that purports to contain all of Episode IV. This suck too?

Watch it here. Story VIA


7 responses to “Star Wars As An Animated GIF”

  1. […] OhGizmo’s site points me to this little bit of graphics nirvana if you’re a STAR WARS fan. It’s the entire plot of Episode IV as an animated GIF. […]

  2. […] So first we get the whole of Star Wars Episode IV as an animated GIF. […]

  3. […] I had to laugh when I saw these. As if you thought Star Wars was over… Nope, it just got smaller and shoved into a tiny sized gif. I am not sure where these files originated, but I ran into them at OhGizmo. So far I have found Episode IV and V, and if I find others, I will be sure to add them. […]

  4. […] But, it seems that turning full movies into animated GIFs is all the rage these days. First, take Star Wars, and now you’ve got the first Ghostbusters. […]

  5. sniker says:

    Bah, lammer stuff, ehehe

  6. […] They keep makin’em, we’ll keep postin’em. First it was Star Wars – A New Hope, then The Empire Strikes Back and just lately, Ghostbusters, all as animated GIFs. […]

  7. Hartigan says:

    Esqueça os filmes em DVD

    A Criatividade geek sempre supreendendo