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The Entertrainer, A Cardiac Monitor That Controls Your TV

By David Ponce

You know brilliance when you bump into it in the street. Or online. Or whatever. Point is, this little gadget is pure genius. Or, well, pretty smart anyway.

Take a cardiac monitor and couple it with a universal remote for your TV. What do you get? The Entertrainer (notice the clever “r”, there?) by PowerUp Fitness. You strap this around your chest and if your heart-rate falls below a set target, it begins to lower the volume. If you don’t get your heart back up quickly enough, it just plain turns it off. It’s like having a personal trainer, right there in your living room.

Not just any trainer mind you. A geeky one, and for this, $100 gadget, we salute you.

If you want a full set of specs, come inside. Out here you get a link to the site. And, the story is VIA I4U.

* Durable hardened plastic base unit in dodecahedron shape
* On/off switch
* Four multi-function buttons for setting user statistics
* 2-line LCD display
* Three fitness settings for heart rate zone calculation – Fat Burn, Cardio, and Aerobic workout
* Embedded universal infrared remote control technology with automated device search
* Ability to manually override volume and change TV channel from base unit
* Wireless chest strap heart monitor with adjustable elastic band
* Heart monitor communicates heart rate to base unit via radio waves
* LED flashes to indicate proper operation of heart monitor with base unit
* Velcro(tm) lanyard to hang base unit from fitness equipment
* 30 day satisfaction guarantee
* 90 day warranty on parts and labor
* Optional extended lifetime warranty

5″ Diameter base unit
12.1″ Long heart monitor chest strap with adjustable elastic band
Base unit requires two AA batteries (included)
Heart monitor requires one 3 volt CR2032-type battery (included)
Weight 1.5 lbs, shipping weight 3 lbs.


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