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The PocketDISH Portable Media Companion AV700E

By David Ponce

If you have service from DISH Network at home, and a DISH DVR, then you should consider purchasing the PocketDISH Portable Media Companion AV700E. Connect it directly to your DVR and download up to 40 hours of saved programming onto its 40Gb hard drive. Comes with a large 7″ widescreen LCD screen and can record up to 160 hours of video from other sources at a lower resolution.

You can playback music and images as well: up to 20,000 songs (MP3, WMA and WAV music files) and up to 400,000 JPEG files. Battery life, however, is disastrous, with a puny 4 hours of video playback and 12 hours of audio.

For $600, I’ve seen better, but the native DISH connectivity might be a deal maker for some.

Check out the DISH website. Story VIA Mobilewhack.