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Coder Wanted

Allright peeps… we’re on the lookout for someone with mad coder skillz (yes,yes, I know the “z” is lame. So sue me). We’re working on some new features for the site, and one in particular needs the help of someone who’s familiar with WordPress, CSS, SQL and Javascript.

Very modest remuneration is offered, but mainly, some prominent exposure as one of the people responsible for the upcoming redesign will be given (yes, it’s still upcoming, only it’s been delayed a little). Maybe some adspace, etc. And the fuzzy feeling of knowing you’ve had something to do with making OhGizmo a better, cooler and more delicious place to be.

If you’re up for it, go here.


One response to “Coder Wanted”

  1. igargoyle says:

    Flamethrower Robosapian

    Robosapians are cool, but wouldn’t a Robosapian with a flamethrower be cooler? Most robotics is more fun when it’s dangerous, and even though this robot is tiny, we have to give it’s hacker, Adam Plavinskis credit where credit’s due;…