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A Flamethrowing Robosapien

By David Ponce

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

Hell yeah, I say! Especially when you’re going to be putting a flamethrower on a Robosapien.

Some dude named Adam Plavinskis did just that, and posted a few pictures right here.

Story VIA The Raw Feed.


12 responses to “A Flamethrowing Robosapien”

  1. Custom Robosapien

    Wat je allemaal niet kunt doen met een beetje handigheid. Adam Plavinskis heeft zijn Robosapien uitgerust met een vlammenwerper… Ai, wat nu? Een Aibo die het vuurtje uit kan plassen? Bron: ohgizmo…

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  3. Xataka says:

    Un RoboSapiens con lanzallamas

    Hace ya mucho, mucho tiempo os enseñamos el Roboraptor, un robot dinosaurio que estaba basado en el RoboSapien, un robot made in Japan para uso doméstico. Pues como vemos en la foto, unos frikis le han añadido un lanzallamas en una mano. Si hemos v…

  4. Gizmodo says:

    Fahrenheit Robosapien

    Finally somebody took a Robosapien and did something useful with it. This is a mod done by Adam Plavinskis. Flame away kids, made that damn cafeteria lady pay for refusing to serve chicken nuggets today! A Flamethrowing Robosapien [OhGizmo!]…

  5. BigMac says:

    ????????, ??????-?? ???????, ?????? ?? ???? ??!

  6. Slackdaddy says:

    Give me a reason…

    Being the kid at heart that I am, I have been debating whether or not to get a Robosapien. Now that I’ve seen this, it only increases the “need”!
    Robosapien Flamethrower

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  8. Great.Its a nice little Robo.Thanks I wonder if their are any Girly Robo’s been made like barbie dolls Robo.

  9. James says:

    great gift

    i got one for my son he loved it

    found it on if your an AUSI

  10. dancewebcam says:

    this bot is very cool.I think it can do more thing!

  11. dancewebcam says:

    this bot is very cool.I think it can do more thing!