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The MP-C100, A Plasma Speaker

By David Ponce

I’m not totally sure what this is. Nor does Robert from DAPreview, actually. What it seems to be is a flexible TFT-like display that happens to also double… as speakers. As in, the whole surface is a speaker, which is also a display.

Right. See, the reason we don’t really know, is that we live in the Land of Horse-Drawn Carriages and Delicious Molasses, while the MP-C100 from Mirae Plasma lives in the Land of Everything Shiny and New, also known as Korea.

Did you know they don’t speak English in Korea? (well, many people there do… but that’s not the point)

So there’s an entire page of explanative goodness, and we can’t read it. Anyone speak/read Korean?

Update: As per Tycho: “I took a teensy look and it seems to be that its a paper thin plasma film that does the speakering. The tree on it is just a picture thats printed on the film.” Um hm… let’s see where this takes us.