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Lipstick Shaped Flash Drive

By David Ponce

It seems some people think that if you make a gadget in the shape of a lipstick, women will flock and purchase. First, there was the lipstick shaped MP3. And now, we have a 128Mb USB2.0 flash drive that works with Macs, Windows and Linux.

Yeah. Buy it here. It’s 11£, which is about 20 delicious American pies. Story VIA Shiny Shiny.


5 responses to “Lipstick Shaped Flash Drive”

  1. Lipstick shaped flash drive comes in pretty pink

    Here’s a gadget that targets the girls – it’s a 128MB USB 2.0 flash drive that comes in ghastly pink, and is compatible with Macs, Windows, and Linux. You can purchase it online for £11. [Shiny Shiny via OhGizmo!]…

  2. Une clé USB en forme de rouge a lèvres

    Voila un gadget pour les filles : c’est une clé USB de 128MB toute rose. C’est compatible avec Windows, Mac OS et Linux, et ça se branche sur USB 2.0. Ca coûte 11 livres anglaises. [Shiny Shiny via OhGizmo!]…

  3. Beyoncé Moles says:

    So what, they make something in pink and say it’s shaped like a lipstick and BAM! it’s for the ladies? Are we that stupid?

    What’s worst is…I want one! If only it was more than 128mb and came in Estee Lauder’s Mauve On…

  4. Whats Hot! says:

    Lipstick Shaped Flash Drive

    What a great idea, especially for the women. A pink flash drive that is disguised to look like a lipstick keyring.

  5. Stickie…

    Kijk eens, weer een poging om vrouwen aan de USB stick te krijgen. Na de Oor-usbellen, is er nu de USB lipstick. Voor 10 pond krijg je een USB stick met 128MB aan geheugen, deze dus in de vorm van……