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Colored LED Watch

By David Ponce

Now, this thing has a 2003 timestamp, so you know, it’s not the newest kid on the block. But that’s not a problem around here. What’s important is to focus on the fact that it’s a moderately good looking watch, sporting

12 large LED lights that display the hours and 60 smaller LED lights that represent the minutes. It also lights up every minute in three groups of three lights in red, orange, and green. Made of IP-coated stainless steel with a mineral glass crystal.

And you know, LEDs are the geek’s mana from Heaven and all that, so that makes this watch interesting enough to be covered here.

It’s $275 from the MoMA store. Uh huh… Ok, moving right along…

Story VIA Xataka.


One response to “Colored LED Watch”

  1. If you’re looking for crazy-designed watches, check out they have some wild watches! Mostly binary or “binary-esque,” all very unique.

    They actually have that watch, ( but it’s sold out.

    I bought my wife the OVO DecisionMaker a while ago but she doesn’t wear it since it can be very irritating πŸ™‚