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The Compass Prayer Rug

By David Ponce

Eh… I hate posting about something Engadget’s already done. They’ve beaten me to the punch here though, so I guess that means I should start spending 27hrs a day in front of the ‘puter.

In any case, to all our Muslim readers, Happy Ramadan. Should you want to make your prayers a little easier, or at least, a little geekier, I have the pleasure to introduce to you the “Sajjadah 1426”. It’s a prayer rug with Electro Luminescent Phosphore Printing technology and an embedded compass.

In other words, it knows where it’s pointing, it knows where Mecca is, and it’ll help you pray in the right direction by glowing brighter as you get closer to the proper alignment.

The “Sajjadah” is a Turkish/Persian word meaning “rug”, and 1426 is the year 2005 in the Muslim calendar, for all those of y’all who didn’t know. Now, I think this thing’s not exactly being sold. It’s on display somewhere. Can’t remember where, but you can find the info here.

Story VIA Yanko Design.