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Monthly Archives: September 2005

The MPrint From Brother

By Jennifer

Finally there is a solution for printing from a PDA, smart phone, or from a laptop when you are away from the office or home: the MPrint from Brother.

Connect it to your PDA/smart phone/laptop by using an infrared connection or a Bluetooth connection, and print your documents from a special cassette of paper. Its slim and compact design (0.70 inch thick and weighing less than 10 ounces, 11 when considering the battery and paper) allows you to carry it practically anywhere.

Other features include four pages per minute printing, besides normal MPrint paper print on labels or carbon sheets, virtually silent printing due to a stationary print head, and a built-in and rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Price: not listed, but according to Froggle, about $300-$400

Check out the website, again, here.

Lens For Your Cameraphone

By Michelle Cheung

This is not compeletly new, but finally they look like real lens! Mini size wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and macro lens for your camera phone lens.

Instead of screwing them onto your lens, there is a magnet built-in and they will stick on to the lens (I’m having some doubt here). They don’t seem to be a joke at all: the telephoto lens offers up to 2X zoom power, the macro lens offers up to 4X zoom and the wide angle lens allow you to zoom out 0.5X. Each comes with a cellphone strap, when you are done using it, they turn into a charm!

ITmedia offers a nice review on them (in Japanese). The marco lens apparently works well.

Each costs about $25.

The Mind Molester Reviewed [Verdict: Works Great, Looks Awful]

By David Ponce

We wrote about the Mind Molester a few weeks ago. It’s that fun little device from ThinkGeek whose sole purpose is to beep every few minutes with a special tone that makes it hard to find. You plant it somewhere and watch people go mad looking for the source of the noise.

Well, Mike from Distratech went and bought the thing and has written a little review, which you can read right here. Suffice it to say, it’s not anything that will make the cover of Wired mag, but it’s interesting to see just how people react to this.

The ELLE Glamphone

By John

This is one for the ladies, again. It’s an ELLE branded cellphone (for those of you who live under a smelly rock and don’t know, ELLE is a hugely popular fashion magazine) called The Glamphone, and it’s made by Alcatel. There are a couple of features that make it distinctly geared towards the ladies (yes, aside from the name). These include the lovely ELLE branded strap, but more importantly, and perhaps in a stroke of genius, the screen doubles as a mirror.

That’s right. Perhaps some (more empowered) gals will take offence that someone out there should think it a good idea to include a mirror on the screen of a mobile, but more than likely there will be a good number who think this is sheer genius. I happen to agree.

As far as specs, it’s pretty vanilla, though not exactly 2002 either. You get cameraphone (of undetermined resolution), video recording (H263/AMR and MPEG4 optional?) and AAC playback on a 3Mb space. Java games and… well, that’s it really.

You’ll be able to find it in “Prime ELLE Stores” in shopping malls as of October 17th. Although, I have to tell you, this might turn out to be a Euro only affair. Should you be in the neighborhood, it’s going to cost ya £149.99, aka $180. Visit The Glamphone website. Story VIA ShinyShiny.

G-Book To Mobile Bluetooth Connection

By John

We mentioned G-Book a while back in a post about security cameras in Toyota cars. It seems G-Book is similar to OnStar here in North America, but with more features:

G-Book Alpha is capable of calling an ambulance when an air bag opens, playing karaoke songs, and sending a mobile phone message when a car door is left unlocked.

It also allows drivers to talk to an operator with a touch of the screen in an emergency or simply to ask for the best route to a given destination. This is of course in addition to providing information on the weather, traffic and restaurants and allow drivers to download music and games.

So that’s the story about G-Book.

Where this little gadget fits in is that

While there was a telecommunications chip embedded in the car, the user could only use a particular service that Toyota had tied up with. Users who preferred using their own cellular service provider had to connect the car and phone with a wire. Basically this bluetooth device works on the same concept but makes it go wireless. The Bluetooth link gets activated as soon as the car is switched on.

Now, I have to say, the information trail on this hits a dead end. I’ve no clue who makes this. How much it is. What mobiles it works with.

Perhaps you can follow the trail a little better. Phoneyworld VIA New Launches VIA Productdose. See what I mean?

The M:Robe 100 For $99

By David Ponce

Well, Olympus’ M:Robe 100 is a very sexy MP3 player. If you’ve ever held one, you’ll know what I mean. The black and red is just designalicious. It holds 5Gb, plays yer music, stays up fer 12hours and all that, but more importantly is now relatively cheap due to a rebate by Radio Shack.

That’s right, they’re taking $30 off and making the shipping free. So now it’s $99. Not exactly anything to write home in tears about, but if you’re in the market for a player, and your criteria is anything not-iPod, then this might be the way to go.

Check it out at Radio Shack. Story VIA DAPreview.

Rejection Letter Toilet Paper

By David Ponce

Another thing that sucks? Rejection letters is what. Many of us get them, though authors probably get them by the dozen. If there’s one in particular that grinds your gears (more than the 244 others), you can send it to the good folks at and for $90 they’ll send you back a custom roll of toilet paper with the letter printed on.

Yeah, yeah, wiping your butt with money, $90 for toilet paper, extortion, etc. I know, it’s a lot. But think about it. You can wipe your, er, bum, with your rejection letter!

I suppose you could also send them your dismissal letter, or you girlfriend’s break-up letter…

In any case, visit the site here. Story VIA Strange New Products.

The Boyfriend Pillow

By John

Loneliness must be painful. I don’t intend to sound poetic or anything. It’s just that when you have to resort to human shaped pillows, you know you have to start looking for a companion right quick. For some reason, thus far such pillows have been targeted to men. Here’s one for the ladies.

It’s The Boyfriend Pillow and it’s made from polyester velvet with plump polyfill. It’ll wrap its arms around your lonely shoulders and you can cry yourself to sleep.

Yours for $30 here. Story VIA

Makin’ Copy

By Productdose Staff

Lucky for us, the Internal Rolex gold bracelet, designed by Leon Ransmeier, achieves readymade success on the merits of its promotional copy alone:

The Internal Rolex consists of a Rolex replica encased in leather, thus becoming non-functional as a timepiece. The hidden watch transcends typical associations of wealth or at least the accepted appearance of such by silencing the “bling” and isolating the emerging form. By stripping the user of this visible mechanical aid, one is forced to rely on a sense of personal time or the help of others to determine the hour.

We like to think that the Internal Rolex transcends typical associations of wealth because of the fact that it’s a fake Rolex. And if “silencing the ‘bling’??? is merely a matter of wearing a watch that never incorporated “bling??? in the first place, we’re enacting artistic expression over here at Productdose on the daily. And, you know, when you don’t have the time, we like to think it helps to ask someone else. Now, would you pay $275 for this? Up to you…