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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Google Earth Geotagging With GPS2GE

By John

So let’s say you’re a travelly type. You like to go around, visit places and such. You have a PDA, and you’ve connected a GPS receiver to it, so you know where you are at all times. You have your digicam, you take your pics, you come back home and you share your adventures with the family.

Why not add an extra layer of information, so you can make your little presentation even more entertaining? With this neat application, called GPS2GE from Schloen GPS-Systems Ltd, that runs on your PDA, you can save placemarks at various locations on your travels. These locations are then converted into tracks, and saved as KML files. What are KML files?

Well, you can import these into Google Earth and use the 3D function to “fly along” the path you took.


It’s $20, with 15 days trial. Find out more here. Story VIA PocketPC Thoughts.

The OmniWave Pro

By David Ponce

You’re going to file this under the “not quite groundbreaking but potentially useful” category. It’s a pen, the OmniWave Pro from Boxwave, that combines four functions in one: it’s a regular black ballpoint pen, then it’s a stylus, a laser pointer and an LED reading light.

There certainly are worse ways to spend $20. Get yours here.

Thanks, John.

Plaza Ventless, Portable Fireplaces

By Maximillian Hill

For those of you who want a fireplace but don’t have a chimney, Sieger Design’s Plaza Ventless is for you. It’s a freestanding unit that burns a special gel that produces non-toxic flames.

The intensity of the red and yellow flames can be infinitely adjusted with the addition of the optional regulator burning box which allows several tins of gel to be combined into a single tray of fuel. positioned on a floorpiece that provides a comfortable spacer and allows for greater heating radius, plaza instantly creates a warm, engaging atmosphere. dim: 39.3″ h x 23.6″ w x 7.9″ d; 17.7″ base width.

The price is $3200 but it is well worth it for the ability to plop a fireplace in an apartment. Grab yours up from Unicahome. Story VIA Productdose.

The Nuke Alert

By Maximillian Hill

Just added to ThinkGeek (at 4pm EST), is the NukAlert Radiation Alarm. This bad boy goes on your key ring and will chirp as radiation levels rise. If there’s a blast, it should still work as it has EMP immunity: it’s tested to meet MIL-STD-461D, RS105. It’s the Cold War all over again!

It’ll last 10-15 years before you have to change the battery and it has a handy chart on the back of how long you can survive in the current radiation levels. $149.99 from Thinkgeek.

Palm Commits Act Of Heresy And Turns To Microsoft For OS

By Jennifer

Palm recently announced the unthinkable when it told the world that it will soon be partnering up with Microsoft to release a new Treo Smartphone powered by the Windows Mobile, and not the Palm, operating system.

The new device, the Treo 700w, will take advantage of the software giant’s Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile and Internet Explorer Mobile offerings, as well as direct access to Exchange Server 2003 for mobile access to information for business users. This move should help Microsoft take a bigger slice of the Smartphone market, which until now has been dominated by Palm, RIM, and Symbian OS overseas.

The demand for the Microsoft OS is especially high among business users, as most companies have been reluctant to issue phones based on other platforms. The Windows Mobile OS offers superior corporate security features like encryption, virtual private networking and tight messaging connectivity.
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Shuffle Master Products Keeps An Eye On Your Gambling

By Jennifer

Shuffle Master is in the business improving how things are run in the casinos. A few of their products are already being used every day, like their card shufflers and drop boxes, but this is not exactly interesting, right?

I’d like to direct your attention to their Intelligent Table Systems™. Using various products a casino can know exactly what is going on in a card game. For example, the MD-2™ multi-deck shuffler has a recognition system to identify all cards in the deck. (Another point is it reduces card wear due to Patented Platform/Gripper System.)

Then there is the IS-B™ intelligent shoe which automatically reads each card removed from it and keeps a time and date stamped log of the hands dealt, for security. Finally, to top it all off is the Bloodhound™. It “detects and analyzes blackjack play to separate the valuable players from professional ones by precisely analyzing a player’s betting and decision strategy.

Formerly known as Blackjack Survey Voice, Bloodhound identifies all types of cheating and card counting by identifying with mathematical certainty exactly what players are up to.” Oh, it’s also voice activated. The operator narrates the game into a microphone (you know bets, cards dealt, and plays) for the software to evaluate. The Bloodhound can then determine if a player counts cards, tracks the shuffle, catches the hole-card, knows the top-card, and the percent advantage/disadvantage a player has over the house.

Next time you are out at the casino remember, they are know your every move.

Prices: None listed.

Two More Clients On The Banner!

By David Ponce

So guys, the banner is really taking off. Three new clients in three days, and to make things even better, they’re sites that I’d actually want to visit. So now there’s a charity: Children’s Solidarity Foundation. So you know, it makes you feel all nice and fuzzy to visit and stuff.

The second one, GottaDeal, actually seems to point you to some pretty decent rebates for all sorts of consumer electronics. Like $200 off the Creative Zen.

In any case, I won’t bug you every time I get a new client or anything, but well, you know, tell your friends and stuff and buy some space. You all know the site needs a redesign, and good redesigns don’t come cheap.


Google Is 7 Years Old

By John

Hey guys, Google is 7 years old. You have to wonder what the world would be like without it. Perhaps one day, it will transform itself into a benevolent anthropomorphous creature that will grant us wishes and sing us to sleep.

That however is likely to be quite far in its future. For now, did you know that right on, there is a very interesting history of the company to date?

Yes, yes, this is far from gadgety or whatever, but it’s really fascinating reading, people. It’s worth a look.

Story VIA I4U.

Watt’s Up Tracks Electric Consumption

By John

Ever wonder just how much it costs you to run your computer? Or your fridge? Or any other electrical appliance in your home for that matter? Winter is upon us, and perhaps you should consider looking into it.

Well, with the Watt’s Up from Thinkgeek, you can do just that. Track any appliance’s electric consumption.

The device records this data into non-volatile memory (stored even if power is lost). One thousand twenty-three data points are stored, starting with a sampling rate resolution of one second. It records any power interruptions, which is extremely handy when performing an audit of several devices.

Watt’s Up is also capable of real-time logging. It even includes a payback calculator software utility, which automatically calculates the time required for a new energy efficient appliance to pay for itself!

It’ll cost you $130. Story VIA Uncrate.