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The Sonic Impact T-Amp

By David Ponce

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: my ears are big fugly muffles that can barely tell the difference between a bassoon and a bass. It’s a little like telling the difference between a good cigar and a great cigar. That being said, I’ve rarely come across the foaming-at-the-mouth-it’s-so-great kind of reviews this little amp is getting. The fuss is over the Sonic Impact T-Amp, a $30 15-Watt amplifier that “easily outperforms amplifiers that cost 100 times more.”

It started out as a gimmick, cheap battery-powered amp and has turned into an overnight sensation, shipping thousands of units. From the review

this has been the most thrilling and incredible experience I’ve had with a component in, say, 25 years of HiFi listening. This website has existed since 1995, I’ve reviewed hundreds of HiFi components, inexpensive and ridiculously overpriced ones. I never – repeat – NEVER came across such a stunning piece of gear in all of these years.

Right. It almost makes me want to buy one and see what the fuss is all about.

Read the Google Cache of the review (BoingBoing broke the site, I guess). It’s quite entertaining to see such enthusiasm, really.

Story VIA BoingBoing.

Update: Ok, the Google cache doesn’t work. The original link does, though.


8 responses to “The Sonic Impact T-Amp”

  1. See here:

    For my review of the Tamp in the Audio DIeas Guide. Amazing for the price, but not quite living up to the hype, I think…


  2. Tony says:

    The google cached link doesn’t work, but the orignal url does.

  3. […] Sonic Impact T-Amp is an $40 integrated amplifier that’s, apparently, out of this world (it’s supposed to have an incredible performance, rivalings amplifiers that cost much more — I’ve got to get that one) [via] […]

  4. […] It’s not the first time we talk about a product from Sonic Impact. Last time it was the T-Amp, a $30 amp that allegedly did the same job as models 100 times that price. […]

  5. Bob Bush says:

    I have purchase three of these sonic impact t-amps and I love them. The quality of the sound is astounding! It is small, simple and awesome. The reviews don’t lie. Get one if you can.

  6. Marlan says:

    This little amp makes it ok to have equipment hidden all over the house. I was inspired to create this project :

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