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The Duct Tape Band Aid

By David Ponce


You’re one tough MoFo. You ain’t got no place for no pussy Band-Aids. Hell, you get cut, you get cut. If it bleeds, it bleeds. You got nails to hammer, two by fours to cut and cement to pour. There’s just no way you’re going to be seen wearing a Band-Aid.

Unless it’s a Duct Tape Band-Aid.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s made by the Nexcare division of 3M, though I can’t seem to find it on their website. In any case,

The plasters are designed to look like duct tape, presumably so that the wearer doesn’t feel embarrassed about wearing them. They also come in longer lengths for larger fingers, while the packaging is designed to fit easily in a toolbox.

More here. Story VIA Strange New Products.

  • Carolle

    So where do I get these great things??

  • JahWarrior

    I saw them in a Fred Meyer just north of Seattle last week…

  • geekpdx

    Well, if duct tape or a similar adhesive tape is used it’s actually a great, but old idea. When I worked on cars a lot, I often covered regular band-aids with duct tape. It really helps minimize direct wound contact with the mean chemicals and infection causing bacteria you tend to encounter when working with your hands. Plus, if You find that a box of hello kitty band-aids are all that’s left in your cabinet, you had better slap a bit of duct tape over it before heading to the shop.

  • Jeremy Kareken

    There may me more to this duct tape than one thinks… duct tape seems to work against warts too. I don’t know why; perhaps it cuts off oxygen completely.

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  • ddddddddddd

    I like nipples

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  • Rusty

    I am a metalworker, I keep bandaids in my wallet.
    I have a couple of reccomendations, anyone on the product development end interested?

  • Troy

    Ha… Duct tape is so comformist! Only a real man is strong enough to wear the Barbie Band-Aid and not care what any wimps think.

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  • Jojo

    Ha! I they stick like duct tape, you may take the skin off when you try to remove them. [lol]

  • Pediatrician in Sacramento

    Duct tape seems to work against warts because it irritates them. Many wart therapies (including liquid nitrogen in the doctor’s office) work by irritating the skin around the wart enough to cause an immune response that will resolve the wart (which is caused by a viral infection).

  • AyeRoxor

    “Say your a man.”

    Umm.. My a man?

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  • grytpype

    I ain’t got time to bleed!
    But I DO got time for DUCT TAPE!

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  • Susie Hahn

    Does it come in silver and gold and Pt?

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  • Brains

    Hmm, and here all these years I would simply cover up a large wound with a torn strip of an old rag and whatever tape was at hand. No time to stop, run in the shop/house, get a bandaid, futz with the dinky delicate paper its wrapped in, and put the stupid thing on. Besides, 9 times out of 10 it’d fall right back off anwyay. If its not bleeding so badly you’re covering your work in blood, just keep working!

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  • bgarrett

    We have been making our own band-aids out of toilet paper and real duct tape for years and arent about to waste money on this sissy imitation product.

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  • Kip

    a real man would just bleed to death

  • pumpkinhead

    a nice butch bandaind for those beefcake manly boo-boos.

  • chrissy

    I am a woman, as my name implies. I have actually used Duct tape instead of regular wimpy band aids. Duct tape stays put! Why even bother with the frilly Duct tape bandages when a roll of Duct tape is cheaper, lasts longer, and is much more versatile?

    Another marketing gimmick for the poorly endowed male?

  • Saw this here
  • jerry

    I think your lead-in piece by David Ponce is pretty foul and speaks to the worst of stereotypical social and gender concepts. It does a disservice to men and women alike. Maybe your product is hardier than other band-aids but your presentation is offensive.

  • Keith

    What a geeky product. I could see a weeny like Bob Vila wearing something like that. I don’t need no stinking band-aid. Let it bleed. Unless you’re a hemo, it’ll stop bleeding when it clots. If the wound is bad enough that you should get stitches, then save yourself a trip to the hospital and cover it with Crazy Glue (seriously! –It holds the wound together, keeps out infection, and wears away in a few days when the wound is strong enough to hold itself together.)

  • Jason

    Kip said: a real man would just bleed to death

    A real man uses superglue.

  • Dave

    I think I agree with woman who said it’s nothing more than a marketing gimick. I used to work in a lumberyard and used duct take all the time. Not only on cuts, bit blisters, splinters, and the like. God knows duct tape is going to be cheaper than specialty band-aids. Come on men, be smart and don’t fall for this lame gimick. Oh, and I’ve never thought of superglue – but I like the idea!

  • Manly Dude

    A real man uses spit!

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  • SFMatMan

    Now if I could only find duct tape that looks like a band-aid…

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  • madddi

    duck tape rox!!

  • Phil Swinney

    Come on, people, real men don’t wear Band-Aids because Home Depot doesn’t sell them. My guess is they might start selling these.

  • Sara Jane

    just an observation… Nexcare(TM) does not make Band-Aids(R). Johnson&Johnson does. Band-Aid is a trade name.

  • http://5113185004 Cragg

    Where can I find duct tape bandages?
    I bought some at a wal-mart near us,but they ran out and have not gotten any more in stock. I have not been able too find them any where..
    Can you please tell me where I can get them at?.

    Thank You in advance for your help.

  • http://???????? Cragg

    Hi where can I find duct tape bandages?
    I found some at a wal–mart,but they ran out and have not gotten any more in stock.
    so any help you can give me would be great.
    thank you in advance for your hepl.

  • lloyd terkildsen

    i now abetter to make this band aid work

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  • Erma

    Sure would like a sample one for my husband. He hates the regular bandaids. I think he thinks he looks like a “wimp” with them on him. LOL. Erma Price, 24 Walnut St., Crisfield , MD 21817. Just in clase you have one laying around. Thanks

  • Jakob

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title The Duct Tape Band Aid. Thanks for informative article

  • Anonymous

    hey you can buy these on 3m’s web site –

  • twoof2

    2.99 for a box 20

  • twoof2

    oops! $4.99 for a box of 20!

  • Dave

    Your all a bunch of idiots! Real men, that are bleeding, protect other people from contact with his blood or any other fluid for that matter. Take a first aid class and you’ll find that a bandaid made of any sterile material, even newspaper, is better than nothing, and that duct tape used to secure something sterile over the wound is a good field dressing tool.

  • Maharet

    i don't really think it matters if it looks like duct tape. it's still a pussified move. lol i mean, if you're actually bleeding a freakin band aid isn't really going to help you so get some gauze dork. band aids are for girls with hangnails and papercuts. LOL

  • Maharet

    i don't really think it matters if it looks like duct tape. it's still a pussified move. lol i mean, if you're actually bleeding a freakin band aid isn't really going to help you so get some gauze dork. band aids are for girls with hangnails and papercuts. LOL

  • michael

    i dont know about buying these but i work in a nursing home as maintenance and often cut my hands i cant have my blood going every where so i just make one out of duct tape and paper towels mostly cause band aids never stay on when i work. since these just look like duct tape i dont think they would work as good as one made out of duct tape