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Watt’s Up Tracks Electric Consumption

By John

Ever wonder just how much it costs you to run your computer? Or your fridge? Or any other electrical appliance in your home for that matter? Winter is upon us, and perhaps you should consider looking into it.

Well, with the Watt’s Up from Thinkgeek, you can do just that. Track any appliance’s electric consumption.

The device records this data into non-volatile memory (stored even if power is lost). One thousand twenty-three data points are stored, starting with a sampling rate resolution of one second. It records any power interruptions, which is extremely handy when performing an audit of several devices.

Watt’s Up is also capable of real-time logging. It even includes a payback calculator software utility, which automatically calculates the time required for a new energy efficient appliance to pay for itself!

It’ll cost you $130. Story VIA Uncrate.