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The Boyfriend Pillow

By John

Loneliness must be painful. I don’t intend to sound poetic or anything. It’s just that when you have to resort to human shaped pillows, you know you have to start looking for a companion right quick. For some reason, thus far such pillows have been targeted to men. Here’s one for the ladies.

It’s The Boyfriend Pillow and it’s made from polyester velvet with plump polyfill. It’ll wrap its arms around your lonely shoulders and you can cry yourself to sleep.

Yours for $30 here. Story VIA


3 responses to “The Boyfriend Pillow”

  1. Xataka says:

    La almohada que abraza

    Somos muchos los que dormimos solitarios en nuestra cama, y muchas veces pensamos en lo bien que nos vendría algo de compañia en las frías noches de invierno (y a veces del resto del año). Pues con The Boyfriend Pillow dejaremos de echar de menos …

  2. […] Can’t find the right man? Lonely? Miss sleeping in his arms? Now you can get the pillow and forget the man with the Boyfriend Pillow for ust $15! (via Oh Gizmo) […]