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G-Book To Mobile Bluetooth Connection

By John

We mentioned G-Book a while back in a post about security cameras in Toyota cars. It seems G-Book is similar to OnStar here in North America, but with more features:

G-Book Alpha is capable of calling an ambulance when an air bag opens, playing karaoke songs, and sending a mobile phone message when a car door is left unlocked.

It also allows drivers to talk to an operator with a touch of the screen in an emergency or simply to ask for the best route to a given destination. This is of course in addition to providing information on the weather, traffic and restaurants and allow drivers to download music and games.

So that’s the story about G-Book.

Where this little gadget fits in is that

While there was a telecommunications chip embedded in the car, the user could only use a particular service that Toyota had tied up with. Users who preferred using their own cellular service provider had to connect the car and phone with a wire. Basically this bluetooth device works on the same concept but makes it go wireless. The Bluetooth link gets activated as soon as the car is switched on.

Now, I have to say, the information trail on this hits a dead end. I’ve no clue who makes this. How much it is. What mobiles it works with.

Perhaps you can follow the trail a little better. Phoneyworld VIA New Launches VIA Productdose. See what I mean?