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Zaphod, Multiple Clipboards For All Of Windows

By David Ponce

If you use MS Office, you’ve probably used that fancy clipboard that fits multiple things and adds all sorts of functionality (it’s late, and I can’t write. I’ll deal with my legal department in the morning). Well, now, you can add that same functionality throughout Windows with a bit of free software, The Zaphod by one Billy Chasen.

I kind of like the name, Zaphod. See, Zapod had two heads. And with this piece of code, you can have two clipboards… or more. It’s all seamlessly integrated into the keyboard. There’s no funny interface to deal with and all that jive.

Now, you should know that I haven’t yet tried the thing myself. Maybe someone out there is willing to sacrifice five minutes of his time in the name of accuracy and so forth.

Again, give Zaphod a look.