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Yumemi Koubou (Dream Workshop)

By David Ponce

The Japanese are always thinking of wonderful things. This time, it’s a device that purports to give you the ability to control your dreams.

You first decide what you want to dream, then place a related photograph on the screen (e.g. if the dream is to become famous, put the picture of your favorite actor/actress), insert a fragrance in the dispenser, and choose an appropriate background music from the database. Then you must visualize the desired image and pronounce (record) a statement, such as “I want to be famous”.

After all this process, you leave the Dream Workshop near the bed and go to sleep. The device will play the music or the recorded phrase and release the fragrance during 8 hours, along with the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep pattern. And after 8 hours, it wakes you up with soft music and light.

Yeah. Interesting. Right.

You can get it from Yahoo Japan for 2,900 Yen, aka $25.

Story VIA Odd Things From Japan.