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The “You’re Kidding Me?!” Service

By David Ponce

If it’s happened to me, it’s happened to you: a sudden urge to look like you’re talking to someone on the cell. Maybe your ex just came into the room. Maybe you want to make the point that you have friends (you do have friends, don’t you?). Perhaps you just want to sound important. Whatever the reason, the “You’re Kidding Me?!” service could come in quite handy.

You call a certain number, and it helps you simluate a conversation. You can chose between two types of conversation: casual or important. You then listen to a voice dictate sentences to you, which you then repeat, making it sound to people around you like you’re actually engaged in a real conversation.

Now, the link brings you to a faraway site, to a land of blue apples and salty candy. A land whose language I cannot understand, but whose domain looks Danish. Upon this page, you’ll find numbers, which quite possibly could belong to a telephone. Ostensibly, this telephone could be the service in question, but then again it could be someone’s delicious grandma. Any Danish reader to enlighten us?

Either way, there you have it. Story VIA Textually.

Update: Allright, we’ve had our Danish reader enlighten us.

It’s for real, it’s a number that only charges standart phonerates, but then again if you are calling from outside Denmark, it might be a bit expensive. The only problem I see with it is:

A: The introdution to the service takes about 1½ minute, so your standing there looking like a fool, while your waiting for your “conversation” to start

B: It’s in english. Since it’s a service that probably only will have danish users, they might as well have made it in our native language (maybe they think that when your having the conversation in english, it makes you even more important).

On the site it says that the service is designed for, which is a designer-award-thingy happening in Copenhagen (Capital of Denmark, for those who don’t know) today friday 23th.

Thanks, Cagra.