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Sickening Baby Escort Cages

By Colbert Low

Check out the world’s only website dedicated to infant and child confinement solutions at Baby Cages. Simply sick and (a little) funny at the same. Are they for real? They even announced that they have just sold 10,000 baby cages. The one pictured looks like a dog cage to me. What’s the difference?

Their cages comes in all sizes. From the single baby, multiple baby cages to teenages cages for those long Atlantic flights. They even offer an electronic shocking system option for $100. I think Ashton Kuchter is hiding somewhere on the website to “Punk” us.

Story VIA The Gadget Blog. Check out the product page.

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  • soup

    where they belong..!!

  • Elizabeth

    This is humiliating. A baby is a human being, why treat him/her like a hamster? I read this story with horror. Exploring the surroundings is the child’s natural way of learning.

  • Jeffrey

    Humans are animals too. Why don’t we all pack each other into cages?

  • Russian

    Amercans are sick people. Look at yourself, you killing each other every day, your childrens killing each other at schools, now you offer cages for childrens… Look at yourself, you are animals. USA is a big ZOO in that world.

  • ASJBugeater

    *sigh* do you believe EVERYTHING you read? I refuse to believe that you are so gullible! If you visited the website it is pretty obvious that it is a hoax just like the bonsai kitten.

  • diane ruedy

    If the police control people with cages, why can a parent not control their own children with cages. All of the child abuse laws will have you put in prison for trying to control your own children.Yet the way the police control people is with brutality and cages.And yes , if you watch the news even torture.Compared to those tactics of big brother, a cage is a very good idea.Maybe they should be given as standard gifts…The small one for baby showers…..the larger for graduation…..OH YEAH, all you people who are thinking that this is sick….Just the fact that you looked this up, puts you in the same class.HA HA!

  • diane ruedy

    That might save your town money on man hours if you handle everything at home like we should be able to do with our own children as well.

  • diane ruedy

    This ones for the russian.I’ve seen clips of your country in action too.Our country is in the process of being corrupted, and perverted by the hebrews just like yours was. Open your eyes.

  • Anonymous

    For the Russian, Take your no grammer speaking unAmerican behind back home if this place is so bad.
    Signed-Beat it!

  • Anonymous

    How do we know if this site is real or not? How do we find out?
    Oh, and Russian, if your already on that side of the world, do us all a favor and stay there.
    Signed-Beat it!