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Athens Monitors, Redefining Beauty

By David Ponce

I’ve never seen anything quite like this and I’m still under shock.

The Athens Display Series, from company Lieberman Inc. are very slick, very unique multi-paneled LCDs. The one pictured is a 118lbs, 5-panel model featuring Ultra-Speed™ Technology. You get resolutions of up to 19200 x 2400 pixels. It’s a mere 2.5″ thin. It’s… Heavens… it’s beyond words.

Go inside for a full list of features, but don’t expect price. I didn’t see any, and didn’t look very hard because it probably would have broken my heart.

Update: Yes, it’s beginning to look quite likely that this thing is a hairy offspring of Mother Hoax. Yeah. It really did look too good to be true. How sad.

110″to 200″ Screen Sizes.
Resolutions of up to 19200 x 2400 Pixels.
All-aluminum custom-built construction.
Ultra-widescreen format for simultaneous display of
multiple pages, windows, applications, graphics, full-
screen video and games.
Ultra-Speed™ Display Technology for breathtaking
image quality
Support for 16.7 million saturated colors, for use in all
graphics-intensive applications
Enhanced Active-matrix liquid crystal display Technology
delivering ultra-sharp text and graphics
Hardware anti-aliasing double-depth filtering
Dynamic Phase-Timing Circuitry (DPTC)
ContrastPlus UV-668 filtering
Double anti-glare hard coat
FFR-type CR-Lamps.
Bluetooth connectivity expansion.
R-G-B auto-geometry sensing color correction.
Super-wide viewing angles for maximum visibility and
color fidelity.
Lightning-fast pixel response that supports full-motion
digital video playback.
Versatile connectivity; one computer for all 3 display
panels, or one panel for up to 3 individual computers.
Gigantic workspace, minimal physical footprint
Single or multi-panel compatible operation
Optional TouchScreen functionality
Ultra-high performance air duct and FreeFlow™ cooling
Exceptional low-power consumption design.
Out-of-the-box setup with optionally bundled Professional
Graphics Adapters
Absolutely stunning, sleek design, under 2.5″ thin

Visit the site and see for yourselves. There is so much information there, I can’t even wrap my head around it. Story VIA Electrobeans.


19 responses to “Athens Monitors, Redefining Beauty”

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  2. Begadget says:

    Athens Monitor

    If you think your new 21″ LCD is cool, wait till you see this. By combining 5 widescreen UltraSpeed LCD panels into one, you can now have “one” monitor that has the resolution of up to 19200 x 2400 pixels. This is no joke!
    There are however several…

  3. NathanLaan says:

    Liebermann Inc. was a hoax company of some kind. They never sold a single product. They did have prices listed at one point in time though.

  4. Athens Display a definite Olympic champion

    If looks could kill, then the Athens Display Series from Lieberman, Inc is the prime suspect for many a death. This slim multi-paneled LCD set-up as shown above is actually a 118 lbs, 5-panel monster that features Ultra-Speed Technology….

  5. Worth of says:

    How and why would you use such a massive thing. I must admit, it does look sexy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When will people stop reporting on Liebermann Inc.? They are/were a well documented hoax company. C’mon guys do a _little_ research at least.

  7. Wandel says:

    Haha…Mr Ponce ROFL =P

  8. Wandel says:

    Sorry for my coment.I’m taking my pills and have to apologize.This is really cool!I wish i could have a price.hi hi hi.I’m bipolar!

  9. Mr JT says:

    These monitors have been up on the Liebermann site for ages, they are really cool but I agree with Worth_of, what the heck would you use such a thing for !

  10. BVH says:

    Of course this company is a hoax. They’re phishing for BIG investors. Look at their website. All images are 3D graphics; no REAL pictures. I would guess they have no product today. Plus to run this monster 5 LCD screen, you would need at least 2.5 video cards; or do they have a super-duper wiz-bang video card too? This screams scam to me!

  11. Adam Wade says:

    A number of the Google links state that after much investigation, the company was NOT a hoax. They shipped product, and many US journalists got working prototypes for evaluation.

    This was a guy with a lot of big ideas, and he tried to make a splash. He needed to show off innovative thinking and new products to gain the favor of the investors he’d need to actually get the company out of the prototype and notebook PC business and into the deep end of the pool. Seems he overspent himself trying to prove he was worth investing in, and then couldn’t keep things afloat long enough for money men to start buying in.

  12. Rich says:

    I notice how there are no photos of these products in a real life setting. I personally believe it to be utter bullshit, people like yourself who state that “after much investigation, the company was NOT a hoax. They shipped product, and many US journalists got working prototypes for evaluation.” are just keeping this rediculous hoax alive. If these products existed in REAL LIFE then it would be painfully simple to provide a few photos or even a video of it in action. The lack of this just puts the final nail in the coffin.


  13. zone41 says:

    s?o s? 5 monitores

    Athens Display Series, by Lieberman Inc.
    You get resolutions of up to 19200 x 2400 pixels. [via OhGizmo]

    O gizmodo j? ? sobejamente conhecido, a captura de ecr? ? do OhGizmo!:
    Gadgets. Innovation. And design.
    ?is a frequently updated blog that…