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The FlyaDISC, From CD To Frisbee

By David Ponce

If you’re at some sort of promotional event and want to distribute CDs among the crowd, there are better ways to do it than to simply toss them in the audience, what with them getting scratched and mangled and such. Capitalizing on the somewhat obvious aerodynamic potential of a CD, the dudes at FlyaDISC have solved the problem and created a soft and safe protective rim designed to fit around a CD or DVD, creating unique packaging that also serves as a superb airfoil.

Now, your CD becomes a Frisbee, which you can throw into the crowd at really funky corporate seminars, drunken parties, or at your grandma.

No word on price, least not that I can find, though it looks like they have a contact form where you get to discuss mass pricing with them. Yeah, probably can’t get just one. I might be wrong though. Check it out. Story VIA TRFJ.

Update: Yup, I was wrong. There is a link on the page pointing to Cdflyerstore where you can buy the stuff in quantities as small as 10. That’s going to cost you $17, so about $1.7 each. Not bad. Thanks, Seamus.