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By David Ponce

Yes, that’s right, the “ZzZzzz” are for what I’ll be doing instead of my usual writeups. Crappy Monday morning, huh? You can direct any lawsuits to “legal at this domain”. Don’t uh, expect your emails not to bounce.

That being said, I will give you this shortened version of things. Yes, Tuesday should bring postings back to normal. And for those of you who happen to really, really dig “Linkz” and hate it when I actually string paragraphs together, drop a note in the comments. If enough people chime in, we might make this a regular feature.

Fuel-cell powered MP3 player by Toshiba [Akihabara]
LCD enabled, energy tracking electrical outlet [Retro Thing]
Portectorz for the iPod [iLounge]
Firefox on a (USB) stick [TUAW]
Vagina surgery robot [The Raw Feed]

The ultra hip tricycle [Techie Diva]
An experiment in ambient lighting [Popgadget]