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Nike MaxSight Contact Lense

By Michelle Cheung [The not-new Police strikes again. Cool anyway, so enjoy. -Ed]

You’re the sporty type and find wearing sunglasses a bit of a hassle or cannot find a pair that looks good on you. Well, Nike and Bausch & Lomb collaborated and developed these sun-blocking (UV rays filtering) contact lenses. Available with or without a prescription, they come in two colors:

“Amber is superior for fast-moving ball sports in variable light conditions (such as baseball, soccer and tennis), while the grey-green lens is ideal for sports played in bright sunlight where glare and comfort are primary concerns, (such as golf, running and rugby).”

One sports player commented that the lenses can intimidate opponents. “They make you look kind of evil,” he said. “Other players look at you like you’re possessed.”

Sounds like a bonus to me.

The Nike MaxSight are available for $60 (three pairs of nonprescription lenses).

Check out Nike Maxsight.