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Apple Knockoff #22383, The M800 From Beond

By David Ponce

So there’s a nascent industry revolving around Apple product knockoffs. I wont get into details, but you get the idea. It seems everything and the mailman’s keychain has a clickwheel nowadays, and it’s with a bit of glee that I welcome this comical new addition to the market, the M800 by Hong-Kong based company Beond. You know, if only for the novelty factor.

If you don’t see why it’s funny, let me spell it out for you. For starters, this is not an MP3 player per se. It’s a CD player that can read MP3s. Yeah, like in 1999 and stuff. Second… it’s shaped like an apple. Not any apple mind you, but one with a nice little bite taken out.

Way to go Beond, you’re setting a milestone here.

Story VIA DAPreview.