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The Hands-Free Binocular Glasses

By Maximillian Hill

Direct from the folks at Hammacher Schlemmer comes a revolution in stalker technology: The Hands-Free Binocular Glasses. These glasses have 2.1x magnification lenses and are worn just like normal glasses. This allows the user’s hands to be free to do other things while concentrating “on sporting events, movies, television, live theatre, and the classroom.”

Each side is independently adjustable and will focus from 10′ to infinity. Includes a “Lifetime Guarantee” and a zippered protective case.

How much for theses revolutionary spectacles? A mere $119.95. Get ’em here.


One response to “The Hands-Free Binocular Glasses”

  1. Kal says:

    Dude, i didnt even notice these here before and my (nearly blind) buddy whipped these suckers out one day and blew me away. They stand out like 4 inches infront of your face but allow a person with normal sight to see a good mile away easily. Theyre dorky as hell, but cool to play with.