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The $150 “Think Content for ThinkGeek Contest”

Yes, that’s the best name our marketing team could come up with. I tried to fire them, but they attacked me in true lawyerly ninja style. I suppose it’ll have to do.

So, this is it folks. Y’all seem to want ThinkGeek money, so that’s what you’ll get. A $150 gift certificate from your favorite geek store is at stake and anyone, from anywhere can win. All you have to do is send me an ounce of deep fried Gorgonzola dodo meat. Alternatively, you can go inside to read the real contest rules.

So what’s this thing? Well, here’s the deal. At OhGizmo, we recognize that content is king. We also realize there are only 24 hours in a day, and content needs to be found, somehow. So why not entice the readership to go out there, and find it for us? Tips and, better yet, fully written stories are very, very valuable, and this, my friends is what you need to send to us. In exchange, we’ll reward the best contributor with $150 to spend online, at Thinkgeek.

So this is not a game of chance. If you work hard enough at it, you are guaranteed to win. You will find below a form you can use to send us your tips or fully written articles. Since we realize that sending us a fully written story involves more work than a simple link, we’ve devised a system where this is taken into account.

Accepted tips will be worth 1 point.

Accepted, fully written articles, with little need for editing, will be worth 5 points

Standings will be updated daily and displayed publicly so you can keep track of how you’re doing, so make sure to always include the same email address. And, on September 28, 11:59PM, EST, whoever has the most points, wins! Simple as that.

To enter, visit this page. Yes, yes, the same stuff is written there. Just scroll a little.