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Craftsman’s Dual Laser Drill

By David Ponce

It’s the bane of pseudo-handymen worldwide: having to align those holes so that your darling’s pretty handpicked artwork lines up perfectly. Usually, you have to measure from the ceiling, or from a doorframe and mark the spot on the wall. And that, my friend, takes effort, which you’ll remember, you’re fatally allergic to.

Well, no more of that.

For $70, you can purchase, right here, from Sears, this drill from Craftman that comes equipped with two lasers: one vertical and the other horizontal. The laser traces a line on the wall, which you can use to make certain your next hole is at the same level as the previous, without having to take the measuring tape out.

So, no, it’s probably not new. So sue me. I want a show of hands of who’s seen this for the first time, so I can make my point.

Story VIA BookOfJoe.