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Bissell’s SpotBot Redefines Stain Removal Procedures

By David Ponce

When we read history books, 50 years from now, I’m certain our era will be embodied by the mantra “Set it, and forget it.” People are working very hard, every day, to make sure this happens. People like the good folks at Bissell, who’re producing the SpotBot.

It’s the “world’s first compact hands-free deep cleaner”. You just find that ugly spot of something on your carpet, set this thing on it, and go have a beer. It’ll spin like mad, spraying the carpet with detergent and hopefully you’ll return to a clean(er) rug. It even has an automatic “Smart System™” with pre-programmed cycles that figures out how to go after a stain.

It’s $130 on Amazon, but you’ll have to wait till October 15, when the thing is released.

Story VIA Strange New Products.