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Alienware’s Entry Into The MP3 Player Scene

By David Ponce

You know, as time goes by, I have less and less to say about MP3 players. Unless of course, we talk about the iPod nano (if you haven’t heard about it by now, go hide under a rock, you don’t deserve to be behind a computer). This time, however, we won’t. There are plenty of places to go for nano news.

No, instead I bring you a puffy little offering from overpriced hardware vendor Alienware. It’s the extravagantly named “CE > IV”. Flash based, it will come in 512 or 1gig versions and has perhaps two functions that differentiate from everyone else (other than the Alienware brand and ambiguous styling):

First digital audio player in the United States to feature SRS WOW HD™, which provides a treble control for a cleaner crisper listening experience of high frequency sounds. WOW HD also features improved TruBass technology, providing an even richer, more superior bass sound enhancement to digitally compressed music, even through the smallest of ear buds!

It’s also packaged with special Alienware noise-reduction earbuds that filter out unwanted background noise and lets you crank up the music without disrupting those around you.

Price is a jelly-filled humpback turtle dancing the funky chicken.

Check out the product page. Story VIA DAPreview.


3 responses to “Alienware’s Entry Into The MP3 Player Scene”

  1. […] I stumbled on the Alienware CE-IV some time ago. It’s E.T.ware’s funny foray into digital audio players, and for some reason I find it somewhat comical that I should come across this: a dedicated hub for the device, or as they call it, the “2.1 Channel Portable Music Enhancement System.” […]

  2. Mike says:

    I bought this unit for my son after his brother read about its superior sound. A little hard to compare because it doesn’t work at all. Never did!
    I’ve been trying to get my money back for 3 months. After 2 days on the phone, all they gave me was long distance toll number to call. After quizzing me to make sure I knew how to install a battery and turn it on, I was given an address in St. Louis that I must send it to at my expense. I specifically asked for a return number. The rep assured me that they did not use them. Their facility wouldn’t accept it.
    It sat in a St. Louis Post Office till February waiting for them to pick it up. I was later told that I had listened to a inexperienced customer rep. I mentioned that it was the exact same address listed for returns on their website! Here’s the best part. They denied my return because I didn’t return it within 30 days.
    I have resent it again at my expense to their Fla. facility.
    Still no refund, no explanation.

  3. Alienware CE-IV Digital Audio Player…

    Alienware – famous for making computer related products, have jumped into the Mp3 Player market, with the introduction of the Alienware CE-IV Digital Audio Player. It Includes SRS WOW technology and up to 1GB of built-in memory for easy, take-anywhere….