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Whirlpool’s Fabric Freshener Contraption

By David Ponce

Twice in the same day with Whirlpool? What’s going on? Anyway…

It’s a commonly accepted notion that stinky people suck. When that’s coupled with wrinkly clothes, chances are you’re dealing with a bum of sorts, or a weekend ruffian. Either way, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of such harsh pronouncements, do you?

Well, Whirlpool’s got you covered with this interesting device, called the Fabric Freshener. Based on the concept that actually washing your clothes might give you the volcanic hives, instead you’re invited to place your toxic fabrics inside this special enclosure for half an hour. During that time, they will be submitted to a steam treatment. This will allegedly remove odors and smooth out wrinkles.

Doesn’t say anything about removing stains, so maybe that’s the catch. In any case, for $250, it better also walk the dog and babysit the kids.

Check it out right here. Story VIA Strange New Products.