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Kiss Shaped Bandaids

By David Ponce

There’s a new fashion to bandaids. First there was the bacon strips.

Now this.

They’re your usual everyday healing pads, in the shape of comely female lips. They come in a pack of 15, for all of $16.

You could always pull a Nelly, and stick one on the side of your face (if you don’t know what I mean, just ignore me, the sleep trolls are getting to me). If your friends are retarded enough, they might actually believe it’s a kiss planted on your cheek by your voluptuous Wilma.

Get some here. Story VIA


3 responses to “Kiss Shaped Bandaids”

  1. la la says:

    cannot access the story?

  2. gadgetblog says:

    Baci appassionati…

    Vi siete fatti male e vorreste un pò di attenzioni? Magari un pò di “baci”?
    Accontentatevi di questi cerotti. Un pacco da 15 per $16.
    Meglio di nulla…
    [via OhGizmo]

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