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The Stove Thats Also a Fridge

stove_fridgeBy Asim Waqar

Whirlpool’s unfortunately named GR556LRK (I would have called it the Chill Ranger) is a stove that also serves as a fridge. Simple as that, and brilliant as that. Imagine: you can set this thing to refrigerate your favorite meal, and then cook it at a preset time so it’s nice and steamy when you get home.

While this product in itself does not make me weak at the knees, it should help those of us you that are lazy and unskilled when it comes to cooking. And now that this is real, it’s only a matter of time until someone networks this puppy and gives us a web-interface!

Available in 4 colors (including Biscuit), MSRP is $1399 to $1599. If this is your cup’a soup, then, buy it, hack it, and I will convince this site’s Evil Head Honcho to let me write a story about your adventure.

Visit the product page here.