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The Shaking Baby Monitor

By David Ponce

Put an end to the all too problematic crazy baby-shaking babysitters trend with this device, designed by Eschel Jacobsen. The special monitor is essentially an accelerometer. It would be placed on a baby and detect when the toddler is likely being shaken. When this happens, it firsts instructs the presumably ignorant caretaker of just how normal it is for babies to cry. Should the shaking not stop, it would then automatically SMS the parents or a doctor of the situation developing at home.

The problem with this thing, is that no one is really sure whether it even actually exists outside of the mind of Eschel Jacobsen. Anyone heard anything about this?

Story VIA Textually VIA Yanko Design.

Update: It’s a concencus: this product is dumb. All the crazy sitter has to do is remove the device So, perhaps a suggestion to Eschel could be made: have the device (surgically?) attached to toddler… You know, not really surgically, but what about those monitoring devices felons on probation have to wear? You could make this into a cute necklace or something that only the parents can remove. Hey, Eschel, you listening?