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The Shaking Baby Monitor

By David Ponce

Put an end to the all too problematic crazy baby-shaking babysitters trend with this device, designed by Eschel Jacobsen. The special monitor is essentially an accelerometer. It would be placed on a baby and detect when the toddler is likely being shaken. When this happens, it firsts instructs the presumably ignorant caretaker of just how normal it is for babies to cry. Should the shaking not stop, it would then automatically SMS the parents or a doctor of the situation developing at home.

The problem with this thing, is that no one is really sure whether it even actually exists outside of the mind of Eschel Jacobsen. Anyone heard anything about this?

Story VIA Textually VIA Yanko Design.

Update: It’s a concencus: this product is dumb. All the crazy sitter has to do is remove the device So, perhaps a suggestion to Eschel could be made: have the device (surgically?) attached to toddler… You know, not really surgically, but what about those monitoring devices felons on probation have to wear? You could make this into a cute necklace or something that only the parents can remove. Hey, Eschel, you listening?


32 responses to “The Shaking Baby Monitor”

  1. Navi-Gator says:

    Hmmm.. Unless I was the dumbest au pair in the world, I would take off the baby’s shirt, THEN shake him silly.

  2. Daddy Types says:

    Designers’ Fantasy Baby Products Create Parenting Nirvana

    A designer’s gotta dream, right? I guess these designer-driven concept studies of baby-related electronic gear are preferable to the status quo, where vast swaths of the cutting edge design world act as if children don’t exist. The first, a baby shak…

  3. FayerWayer says:

    Monitor de sacudidas para bebés

    No tenemos la certeza de que este invento existe, pero la idea al menos no suena nada de mal, sobretodo si eres padre o madre de un niño pequeño. El Shaking Baby Monitor, permite mediante una acelerómetro saber si…

  4. andrea says:

    it would be a good idea if it could be concealed

  5. JOHN says:


  6. Sarah says:

    This news letter is very interesting. I guess technology has really moved up a giant step over the years to come. How do we know that this device is actually going to know the precise times the baby was shaked? I am a junior in high school….so I am going to use this article in my current event!

  7. jhgfdhjrthj says:


  8. brinda says:

    What happens when the baby grabs it and shakes?

  9. sean says:

    thats pretty dumb. if anything its more of a preventative device… when i used to work for a shipping company, people would ship boxes with a arrow that said “do not tilt: if this package is recieved with a the red arrow filled in, do not accept” if the box was tilted, red beads filled the arrow and it was evident that the box was tipped…yes it worked, but we would rip them off and throw them away. so there was no point.

  10. sean says:

    and sarah, for a junior in high school, you have very bad grammer.

  11. derek says:

    you mean grammAr?

    ohhhhhh. oldie but goodie.

  12. […] HAHA “Put an end to the all too problematic crazy baby-shaking babysitters trend with this device, designed by Eschel Jacobsen. The special monitor is essentially an accelerometer.” […]

  13. Asiated says:

    Ugh…how stupid does he think babysitters are ?
    #1 Simply take the device off before shaking.
    #2 Take the baby’s shirt off before shaking.
    Anybody can “design” something, a “Designer” incorporates innovation to solve a problem in a unique way with indepth thought and real world testing…I’m not impressed.

  14. babysitter says:


  15. darth lordboard says:

    qwhat happan wen bay take devis of en you shake it, shak the baby!!!

  16. darth lordboard says:

    Shake BAY till die!!! hahahahahahahja

  17. athena says:

    who the hell came up with this? all tha babysitter has to do is take it off. a 5 year old should no to take it off if you wanna shake the baby. …move on…..

  18. athena says:


  19. Gwen says:

    Shaking a child normally happens in frustration and in a split second of anger.
    I think device isn’t meant to correct the caretaker but to guide him/her to reduce frustration. It’s made just as much for the caretaker then for the baby, by informing and hereby hopefully dissolving the frustration leading to SBS in the first place. If a caretaker really wants to hurt a child I see no device to stop it.

  20. Terry says:

    Athena, babies are not fully developed. Shaking them can cause serious head trauma. If you were beaten to the point where you lost substantial brain function, would that be ok just because you survived?

  21. Terry says:

    By the way, I think the deivice sucks donkey balls too.

  22. nils says:

    have a thing that if the monitor is being removed from the baby, a sms goes to the parents as well. in that case the damn babysitter can’t take it off lol. SUCKER!

  23. darth lordboard says:

    Just push babybrain till die hahahahahaha

  24. Jeffrey says:

    Everybody shake their babies!

  25. Wade says:

    Dude you guys r disturbing. your all like SHAKE THE BABY! and thats just sick. I mean, that could either make it go mentally impaired like you guys of kill it. jesus christ

  26. […] I’m happy that it’s him. He has a great site with frequent updates. He’s the one who found the Shaking Baby Monitor from a while back, among other things. Give him a visit and show him that he hasn’t wasted his money. […]

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  29. Aplle Chen says:

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  30. Judy says:

    You know. . .this is one rare baby monitor gadget, and the best part for me is the automatic SMS the parents or a doctor receive of the situation developing at home. If a babysitter decides to shake a baby, probably nothing will stop them anyway except for physical retraint.

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