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Lego’s 50th Anniversary Pieces

By David Ponce

Lego again.

They’ve been around for 50 years.

They’re happy.

They want you to be happy too.

So they’re selling you golden bricks. They come free if you spend over $50 in other products. Right here. Also, there’s yet another website for you to peruse, this one giving you a timeline of the evolution of their products.

Story VIA Coolhunting.


2 responses to “Lego’s 50th Anniversary Pieces”

  1. Lego bling

    Voor wie het liever op een iets kleinere schaal aanpakt; bling nu je Lego crib met gouden goudkleurige legosteentjes! Lego bestaat 50 jaar en om dat te vieren, krijg je* gratis gouden goudkleurige legosteentjes bij een bestelling van meer dan…

  2. […] Third time in not that long that Lego appears on this site. This time however, it’s not because of something good. To me, they’ve just has an acute fit of apoplectic anal retention. […]