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Market Research

By David Ponce

As some of you already know, a major redesign is in the works for OhGizmo. This is an exciting time, as we talk among ourselves about the things we can include, and the direction to take with the site.

We realize however, that our success is linked with the satisfaction of our readership. As such, we’ve (I’ve) decided to conduct some market reasearch. Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice on the right a poll booth, with various questions about this and that. Please take the two seconds to send your input. It’s an AJAX poll, so the page won’t need to reload to display the results. It’s pretty cool.

And that’s it folks. Make sure you help us bring to you the best possible OhGizmo, so y’all can enjoy it even more.

  • Grindstone

    All I want to see is more of the same. MORE!!!! Update more often. I try to check you guys out three or four times a day for new info.

    Other than that, love the site.

  • eric

    Your pages should be optimized to load faster… it’s still about a 6-15 second load time, if you get it down to 3-5s load time I know I’d be able to go through feeds quicker. Good luck!

  • Adam Wade

    Damn it, I wanted more design, strange products AND flying spaghetti monsters! And I can only vote once! Woe is I…

  • Joseph Dowdy

    How about collapsible headlines after the top 3 posts? I thought of this idea and I am sure that all blogs will eventually follow this schema. Y’know? If you have a total of 15 posts on the screen, with the top 3 being opened (and if you collapse them it will remember) and the 12 on the bottom allow you to read the headline to see if you already read it without having to click onto the next page??? Awesome.

  • Adam Wade

    I really like that idea.

  • Mike

    Oh and I think you might mean research instead of reasearch?…

    And make things even better!